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Appointment Policy

Plese Respect Our "Appointment Policy And Cancellation Policy"


Dear valued customers!Thank you for giving me the opportunity of being of service for you.

I definitely enjoy look after your skin and beauty treatments.

1) For 15 – 30mins treatments please make your appointment 24 – 36 hours prior.

(Eg, eyebrow threading & shaping).

2) For 30 – 60mins treatments please make your appointment 24 hours – 7 days prior.

(Eg, facial threading or deep cleaning)

3) For 60 – 90mins treatments please make your appointment 48 hours – 2wks prior.

(Eg, facial or laser therapy)

4) For 120mins or longer treatments please make your appointment least 48 hours – 8wks prior.

(Eg, tattoo eyebrow& eyeliner, lips)

What happens if you are running late?

5) Please arrive on time of your appointment or least 5mins beforehand for your

appointment, to give you time to unwind and enjoy a free cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

6) If you are running late 5- 15mins, this can reduce your appointment time

due to not inconveniencing the next client.

7) If you are running late a half hour or more you will need to reschedule your

appointment to another time.

Cancellation Policy


Please give us 24 hours notice to change or cancel your appointment.

Especially during the Christmas and New Year, If you have canceled your appointment

less 24 hours or missed an appointment, we will charge the cancellation fee on top of

your next appointment.

1) For a 30mins appointment cancellation fee $15.

2) For a 60mins appointment cancellation fee $30.

3) For a 90mins appointment cancellation fee $45.

4)For a 120mins appointment cancellation fee $60.

What Happens Three Times Continually Failing oCancelling an Appointment?


Three successive changes or cancelling of your appointments may result in

our refusal to reschedule further appointment.



Thanks for your loyalty.

Kind Regards


Jenny Zhong