JENNY's STYLE Eyelash Extensions


Eyelashes extension is a great way to have a nice

natural fluffy looking and a really glamorous eyes



3D, 4D, 5D eyelash extensions

60mins $100
Mink Eyelash Extensions


Silk Eyelash Extensions


65mins $80
Colourful eyelash extensions


65mins $100
Eyelash maintenance / Refill


Bottom eyelash extensions


50mins $60
Eyelash extension Remove + Clean


15mins $20
Eyelash Perm / Top / (last 4-6 weeks)


60mins $70
Eyelash Tint / Top and Bottom / (last 6-8 weeks)





Eyelash Extension Very Popular In The World

Jenny's Beauty Salon in China since 1992 - 2007


Eyelash extension has been very popular in Asia country since 2003, especially in China,

Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japen. Jenny started her training for eyelash extension

in 2003. At that time she had her own Beauty Salon in a City of CUANG ZHOU over nine

million people of China. She trained her staffs in the art of eyelash extension as this

process became very popular among Asian women. She has extensive experience in

eyelash extensions skills. So it's no surprise that lash extensions have become increasingly

popular in recently years of New Zealand.

Jenny opened a Beauty Studio again in VIZZANIZ Hair Salon Rotorua New Zealand 2008.

And she is continuing carry on her a special job "Eyelash Extensions " till Now. It was

nobody hearing about "Eyelash Extensions" in New Zealand. Therefore, her clients came

from everywhere in New Zealand regularly to have their eyelash extensions done. Also

she opened Second Beauty Studio in Mount Wellington Auckland 2009-20011 specially

for ladies eyelash extensions. Nowdays you can choose a professional beauty technician

everywhere in New Zealand.

Jenny's Beauty Studio VIZZANIZ Rotorua & Mount Wellington Auckland 2008-2011


Jenny's Professional Style & Experiences

Jenny has 25 years experience in conventional make-up artistry. She is highly trained in

advanced theory and innovative professional style eyelash extension techniques. She

keep up to date with latest products and arts techniques by attending International

Beauty Expos and Conferences in over sea for Beauty industry. She is experienced in

eyelash extensions using multiple colors and methods including a basic lashes, blending

Silk and Mink of the colour. She can match for your ideal colours. She can meet all

requirements, styles, different ages and nationalities.


Jenny's Style High Quality Products


There are three types of lash extension are Standard, Silk and Mink. Size availability

ranges from 6mm-15mm, thickness 0.07mm-0.20mm. The lashes are applied one at

a time using a specially formulated, they are all soft, glossy, flexible, lightweight lashes

and superior quality adhesives. This ensures long lasting, natural looking lashes. semi-

permanent glue that will not irritate the eye nor damage the natural lash. However,

since allergic reactions are possible.

The advanced application is best achieved using a unique, quick- drying and long lasting

high grade glue. The glue has been specially developed to bond synthetic Silk lashes to

the natural lashes. This strong bond holds the lashes in place for approximately 4-6weeks.



Jenny's Style Professional Technique



Jenny's Professional technique to design everyone has different type of lashes, and

depending on the condition of your own natural lashes, only can fit a certain length

or thickness, this is to ensure that your own lashes remain healthy. For example, if

your own lashes are on the shorter, thinner side, you won't be able to get a crazy,

dramatic look, because it won't last well, We recommended it's better to start out with

a mink lashes extensions of your top lashes. We choose the length from 8mm, 9mm,

10mm, 11mm, 12mm, with thickness 0.07mm, 0.10mm, 0.12mm for you. Usually a

full set of eyelashes consists of around 100 to 125 eyelash extensions on each eye.

The result is a very natural look and comfortable to wearing with the mink lashes.



Jenny's Style Eyelash Extensions are Safety


Jenny is a lifetime artist and is highly trained in advanced color theory and innovative

eyelash extensions techniques. She is experienced in lash extensions using multiple

colors and methods including a basic Synthetic lashes, Silk and Mink eyelashes. She has

extensive education and successfully extensions on hundred clients, differences between

Synthetic or Silk or Mink Lash Extensions.

The main difference between the types of lashes comes down to their firmness, they are

real fur, faux fur or synthetic. Synthetic or Silk lashes are the heaviest, great for a really

full thick looks.

Eyelash extensions are a great way to look fabulous instead of having to use mascara.

Most women don't have the time and patience to apply mascara or fake eyelashes every



Synthetic eyelash extensions                      $80


The Synthetic lashes are made from a polished, acrylic material and are the firmest

sturdiest of all. In appearance, they are a little shinier or glossier than Silk or Mink,

and when applied quite thickly, more dramatic. While they come in a wide variety of

thickness and curls, and be applied to look very natural, these are most popular with

ladies wanting a more dramatic and made-up look. They hold their curl extremely well

due to their firmness. They are most suitable for those with healthy, dense lashes of

their own, and are generally favoured by younger clients. However because they are

heavier in weight than silk or mink eyelash extensions, with very thick natural lashes,

it can look simply fantastic. Usually a set of eyelashes fitting around 90 to 100 eyelash

extensions on each eye, takes around 60 minuts to apply a full set of Synthetic lashes



Silk Eyelash Extensions                        $80

The Silk lashes are the mid-weight type of lash extensions, and are finer and more flexible

than the Synthetic type lashes, because they are all soft, glossy, flexible, lightweight lashes

of superior quality. This ensures long lasting, natural looking lashes, and more porous,

they tend to hold on slightly longer than the Synthetic lashes.

They can be made to look very natural or very glamorous. Silk lash extension comes in a

variety of colours, curls and lengths. Though are a better option for a more natural look,

glamour sets of silk lashes are one of the most popular options for brides, Ball and Special

Occasion who are looking for lashes that are full and long still natural looking.

Usually a set of eyelashes consists of around 100 to 125 eyelash extensions on each eye,

takes around 70 minutes to apply a full set of Silk lashes extensions.


Mink Eyelash Extensions                       $90

The Mink lashes are becoming very popular because they are so light and fine, you will

feel exactly like your own lashes. They are also shinier in texture than the Synthetic or

Silk lashes, giving the lashes a fluffy look. They are very long lasting, and a great way for

your own fine lashes. They don't tend to drop or twist, even after many weeks of wear.

Because they are so fine and light, the Mink lashes ratio between your own lashes is

much closer to 1:1. It takes a longer time than Synthetic or Silk lashes to apply a full set

of mink lashes.

Faux Mink Eyelashes are usually thinner and softer than silk rated at 0.07mm-0.15mm in

thickness, but can also come thicker as well. The thinnest and softest of Mink eyelash

the rated at 0.05mm-0.10mm. We usually use Faux Mink eyelashes really only

recommended for those who have very thin natural eyelashes that have trouble supporting

the weight of Mink and Silk. And we consult our clients to figure out the thickness that will

work with their expectations.

Usually a set of Mink eyelashes consists of around over 125 lash extensions on each eye,

takes around 70-80 minutes to apply a full set of Mink lashes extensions, because we

choose very fine and tend to apply more lashes with the thickness 0.05mm-0.10mm lashes.

The results are nice beautifully natural and fluffy looking, a really glamorous eyes.

Jenny's Style Colourful Eyelash Extensions   $100

Jenny's Style Colourful lash extensions add a pop of color to your eyelash glamours look.

This in demand technique involves precise, individual lash by lash application. The variety

of colour layering in creates an exciting bold dimension to a natural, luxurious look.

These color individual eyelashes are soft and glossy. They are made from synthetic silk,

available variety in different colors from: Sky blue, Dark blue, Ruby red, Royal blue and

Purple, Orange, Yellow, Brown and Green. Usually a set of lashes consists of around 100

to 125 lash extensions on each eye, takes around 70 -80 minutes to apply a full set of

Colouful lashes extensions.



Bottom Eyelash Extensions                    $60

Having a full set of top lashes can sometimes overpower short and light bottom lashes

suggest you to try these wonderfully soft and silky bottom lash extensions to create

symetry and balance. Especially bottom lash extensions are the best for the wedding or

special occasion or holiday. The effect will be more natural look, more fluffy, much better

than apply mascara. In fact, it looks just amazing. But there is a shortcoming of the bottom

lashes, the bottom lashes are weaker than the top. The short size is perfect for bottom lash

application. We use the size between lengths 6.0mm-8.0mm / thickness 0.70mm-0.10mm

with the B or C curly for bottom eyelashes.

Usually a set of bottom lashes consists of around 50 to 60 lash extensions on each eye,

takes around 45 minutes to apply a full set lashes extensions.


Eye Lash Perm / Curl Up                    $70

Lash perms are a semi permanent beauty procedure that creates a curl in your natural

straight lashes that will last 6-8 weeks. Lash perm is an innovative way to keep lashes

curled, opening and enlarging the eyes without the use of eyelash curlers.

We have different basic shapes of curl with different sizes of rollers. We choose which

shape and size of roller will be the best fit for you according to your preference. Enhancing

the lashes will give your eyes definition and nice shape. The benefit gives definition and

open up your eyes, much easier for apply mascaras and wear contacts. It will be look open

up your eyes and beautiful natural shaping your eyes style. It takes around 60 minutes to

curl- up your straight natural lashes.

We recommend our clients to generally redone every two months, to keep the lashes

always looking natural beautiful.

What type of lashes Suit Your Eyes?


We have B/C/D/J different curl types, lengths ranging from 8mm-15mm, and 0.07-0.10mm

different thicknesses. This is important, because each woman comes to us with a unique

set of natural lashes, a woman with paper thin, brittle natural lashes will not be able to

support a thick, dense extension on her little natural lash. If an extension too heavy is

used, damage will occur breakage, follicle damage etc. Using a thinner extension on these

clients ensures they maintain their extensions well and that their natural lashes stay

healthy. we will choosing a special type of thickness lashes extensions with 3-4 different

lengths for your natural eyelashes. It will a beautiful and glamours look.



Lash Monthly Maintenance / Refill                $60

Lash extensions are not a one size fits all. We choosing individual extensions 3-4 different

types of lengths and thicknesses for different natural lashes will suit your eyes. We have

over 20 different extension types to be able for you to create a lash extension set that will

be non-damaging and easy to maintain by monthly.

Applying a full set of lashes takes about 60-90 minutes, and can be maintained monthly

with touch-up. We recommended every 3-4 weeks to get a refill, every two months have to

remove old eyelash extensions and clean up glue to get a new set, because important to

get a clean your nature eyelashes and keep health care.

The lash extensions fall out over a certain period of time. Since each lash extension is

attached to a single eyelash, they will fall out naturally along with the natural growth cycle

of each lash. This why recommended a touch-up every three to four weeks.



How to Look After Your Eyelash Extensions ?



your lashes might fall out if you pick at them or try to pull them out yourself, which is big

"NO,NO,NO". Your lashes should avoid keep water away for the first 12 to 24 hours after

application or refill, specially hot water can weaken the adhesive to cause lashes to fall off.

Also avoid apply mascara on your lash extensions, be sure not to rub your eyes or tug or

pull on the extensions, because those can cause lash loss and even damage to your

natural lashes. If lashes are applied properly and to each individual lash, they won't fall

out. But if you avoid those problems, your lashes should stay intact and healthy.


Why lash Extension Damaged Natural Lashes ?


> Poor Quality Adhesives/ Inexperienced Technician



You can get lash extensions everywhere these days. It is a beauty trend literally

sweeping the entire globe. Countless other nail salon have begun offering lash extensions

charge cheaper because they are not knowing anything about lash health, application

techniques, or even bothering to carry the proper adhesives that are safe for the procedure.

You have heard or seen local nail salon or Mall are offering lash extensions only "$30-$40"

or heard from " a friend of mine does my lashes Free." That if you go to a nail salon or

untrained technicians, and you will get terrible lash extensions. However, the price of a full

set is usually indicative of improper applications, and poor quality product you will be



> Improper Application Eyelash Extensions



When an inexperienced technique applies lashes, it often applies one synthetic lash to

three to four natural lashes, causing clumps or the lash to break and fall out. do not

even ponder these lash extensions, as they will damage natural lashes. Way to much

poor quality adhesive used, will be uncomfortable and itchy, and the extension is

adhered to multiple natural lashes which will cause discomfort and damage natural

lashes. Also causes twisting and flipping.


> Why lash Damaged After Eyelash Extensions ?



A damaged of natural lashes from improperly applied lash extensions most likely cluster

lashes, which traumatized your lash follicles from constant pulling of the lashes adhered

together. Cluster lashes are not applied individually to your natural lashes. They are glued

to a bunch of your natural lashes, and use a ton of thick adhesive to hold them on. the

problem with this is that your natural lash shed cycle is completely disrupted. All the lashes

that are glued together will keep growing at different speeds. As they grow, the lashes

growing faster will pull on the follicles of the slower growing lashes, causing such issues

as a twisted flipped and damaged. The resulting in thinned out lashes, and natural lashes

will stop growing.

The above of photos to showing the women were get this terrible eyelash extensions from

somewhere "Beauty Salon." They are all learning from their bad experienced then turn to

a regularly clients to Jenny's.



Jenny's Style lash Extension



Note: The top quality products for eyelash extensions are important. We use eyelash

extensions of highest quality. They are all soft, glossy, flexible, lightweight lashes and

superior quality adhesives. This ensures long lasting, natural looking lashes. We keep

up to date with latest products, services and techniques by attending International

Beauty Expos and Conferences in over sea.