Women's Face / 808 Laser Hair  Removal


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from $65


from $55
Forehead line




from $55
Full Face


from $85
Chin & Upper Lip


from $110
Full Face & Upper Lip


Full Face & Chin


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Full Face & Chin & Upper lip


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Face Jawline


from $45
Chin & Jawline


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Women's Body / 808 Laser Hair Removal


Under arms

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1/2 Arms  


Lower Legs including shaving


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Thigh including shaving


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Bikini Line including shaving 


Bikini / Top triangle line including shaving


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Brazilian including Shaving 


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Brazilian + inner thigh including shaving


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Buttocks including shaving




Men's Body / 808 Laser Hair  Removal



25mins $75




35mins $95


35mins $85


Neck front


35mins $95
Neck - back


35mins $95
Under arms including shaving 


35mins $115
1/2 Arms including shaving 



Forearms including shaving

55mins $150
Chest including shaving  


Shoulders including shaving


45mins $125
Upper- Back including shaving


45mins $150
Lower - Back including shaving 




45mins $125
Lower - legs including shaving


60mins $160
Upper legs including shaving 


75mins $180



Principle of Diode Laser Hair Removal

Diode laser hair removal treatment will be accomplished when destroying hair follicle unit

by using thermal damage of laser fluent, thus inhibiting future hair regrowth by follicle.

The widely optional pulse duration (20 to 1000ms) of 808nm diode laser system can

produce thermal damage in hair matrix stem cells and ensure follicle destruction.

In order to minimize the uncomfortable feeling of thermal damage to the surrounding

tissues, an efficient skin-cooling system(sapphire contact cooling tip) was used to chill

the skin before during and after the whole treatment course. Therefore, 808nm diode

laser is more effective to treat dark skin.


The Diode laser equipment adopts 808nm, particularly effective to hair follicle

melanocytes without injury surrounding tissue. The laser light can be absorbed by

hair shaft and hair follicles in the melanin, and converted into heat, thus increasing

the hair follicle temperature. When the temperature raises high enough to irreversibly

damage the hair follicle structure, which disappear after a period of natural physiological

processes of hair follicles and thus achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal.


Technology  of  Diode Laser Hair Removal

808nm Diode laser hair removal technology is based on the selective dynamics of light

and heat. The laser goes through the skin surface to reach the root of hair follicles,

light can be absorbed and converted into heat damaged hair follicle tissue, so that hair

loss regeneration without injury surrounding tissue, with painless and safe, technology

for permanent hair removal.

Diode laser hair remove the light energy from the laser is transferred into thermal energy

in the hair follicle. The laser targets melanin, the pigmented region in the hair follicle,

heat from the laser is absorbed by the melanin in the hair resulting in the follicle being

destroyed. Special colling technology is applied simultaneously during treatment to cool

the skin and protect skin.

Off exclusively uses dynamic cooling device during the treatment which means skin is

further protected and cooled providing clients with greater comfort, whilst enabling use

to treat hairs more effectively.


How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Diode Laser is performed using gold standard 808nm diode laser technology, with energy

penetrates deep into the dermis with high average power and a rapid 10 pulse-per-second

repetition rate to heat the hair shaft and hair follicle, rather than destroy the oxygen

organization around hair follicle. Meanwhile, contacting surface cooling technology applied

on the Sapphire Dual-ChillTip can eliminate the heat effect attributed to optical energy,

greatly improving both the treatment performance and safety.


The laser works by directing concentrated light into the hair follicle inhibiting the hair’s

ability to grow without disrupting or damaging the skin’s surface. Our lasers use a wide

beam which allows the removal of multiple hair follicles at the same time.
We experienced will take your skin and hair type into account before creating

a personalised treatment plan. Areas we treat include back, shoulders, neck, chest,

stomach, arms and finger and toe.

The light penetrates the skin through the epidermis into the dermis and is selectively

absorbed by melanin and the hair follicle, producing photo thermal effects. Once the

temperature rises rapidly from the beginning to the roots of the hair, melanin is broken

down to achieve the effect of permanent hair reduction. The surrounding normal tissues

are not affected.



How Many Session Do I Need ?

We have millions of hair follicles in our body, all of which cycle through different phases.

Laser hair removal can only treat a certain percentage of those follicles at a time,

those that are in the active phase, so it must be done at varied intervals. Because no

two bodies are the same, your treatment plan will be tailored specifically to you. But we

typically recommend at least six sessions laser hair removal that take place four to six

weeks apart. Treatments are dependent on the individual.

Depending on your hair and skin type and the area being treated, you will usually require

treatments at 4-6 week intervals. Each part of the body has a different hair growing cycle,

so the hair loss will vary depending on what phase your follicles are in at the time of

treatment. However at least 10 treatments are required for a permanent result.

It is also dependent on medical background and hormonal changes in the body. Some

clients are complete after 6 sessions, some require more. Usually a woman’s face will

require more sessions than body. Women are predisposed to grow new hair on the face

as they age.  Hormones, menopause and medications all increase growth. Areas such as

legs, bikini and underarms are generally 95% successful because women are predisposed

to lose hair as they age. However top up maintenance sessions may be required.


Do I Suitable Laser Hair Removal ?

If you have dark hair on your face and body and also prone to ingrown hairs. If you find

traditional methods of hair removal difficult or inconvenient or want quick permanent hair

removal. All skin types are suitable for laser hair removal including darker skin. The 808nm

Diode laser treats all skin types. The rule is that the hair needs to be darker than the skin.

The darker the hair the better. Blonde, grey, white or red hair cannot be treated as well as

darker hair.

Your medical history will be taken at the consult to check you are medically suitable.

Hair grows in continuous cycles. The anagen or growth phase of hair contains the largest

amounts of melanin and this phase is the laser’s target.  From scientific studies we

understand that any area contains an average of 20% of anagen hairs at one time, thus,

these anagen hairs are affected each treatment. Most clients will require a minimum of

6-8 treatments. Finer hair and clients with darker skin, may require 8-12 treatments.

If you suffer from a hormone imbalance your treatments may be ongoing. To have

effective treatments it is imperative that they be sequenced appropriately.



The Hair Growth Cycle


In order to understand laser hair removal, you need to understand the hair growth cycle.

The hair growth cycle has three distinct stages:

Anagen: active growth phase

Catagen: regressive phase

Telegen: resting phase

It is only during the ANAGEN active growth phase where the laser permanently disables

hair growth. Over a course of 6 treatments at the correct weekly intervals, we can target

that phase of growth.

The cycle for every area is different:

Facial: 4 weeks

Body: 6 weeks

The cycle for each hair is not sychronised which is why it is important to have multiple

treatments and at the correct time for optimal results. During the initial 6 treatments,

we recommend treatments every 3 - 4 weeks for the face and every 6 - 8 weeks for the

body. After the initial 6 sessions the time between treatments vary from client to client.

However top up maintenance sessions may be required.


Men's Hair  Laser  Removal

A lot of guys want to have less hair to make shaving easier, especially if they get ingrown

hairs on their face and neck, laser is the only way to effectively treat. Clusters of inflamed,

red, or dark bumps will appear around hair follicles from shaving, essentially, they are

ingrown hairs that grow in all sorts of directions, which can leave scars. Even after two

sessions the ingrown can disappear, and the skin comes back to its natural condition.

Laser hair removal is also beneficial in client with recurrent folliculitis / inflamed hair

follicles that can appear as small, white-headed pimples.

Pretty much anyone who can’t tolerate shaving and waxing is an ideal candidate for laser.

Using selective light absorption, the Diode 808 laser is preferentially absorbed by the

melanin of the hair. The light energy is taken up by the hair follicle and converted to

heat energy, and minimal energy is transferred to the skin. This preferentially heats the

hair and it’s DNA, while reducing oxygen organization around hair follicle, reducing the

chance of hair regrowth. Special cooling technology is applied simultaneously during

treatment to cool the skin and protect skin.

> Excessive Body Hair:
Laser hair removal is appealing for men who are uncomfortable with excess hair on their

back, chest, stomach, or all over. And let’s clear up a misconception. Laser hair removal

doesn’t have to leave you looking like a hairless fitness model, unless you want it to.

Men’s hair removal treat their chest, not because they want to get rid of their hair

completely, but they like to thin it out, they want it to be finer and sparser. Most men

for their backs and chest. It helps men feel more confident in their skin.

> Hygiene
Another misconception, having a lot of body hair doesn’t mean you’re less hygienic. It is

just that some men's find manscaping helps them relieve irritation. Some might do it to

reduce bushiness and any itchiness that can be intensified by hair in the summer months.

> Easier Facial Grooming and Ingrown Hairs

Some bodybuilders who doesn’t  want any hair on their body, they says because it helps

enhance muscle definition.

cyclists who love to laser hair removal their legs and lower bodies. A lot of body hair can

cause added chafing and irritation when combined with tight cycling kits, sweat, and long

ride times in the saddle. It also makes putting on compression tights, foam rolling, and

massages easier and pain-free, since the hairs won’t get caught or tugged.

Also swimmers they can save one-tenth of a second by having less hair and break a record,

then that works for them well, it saves any athlete loads of grooming time. There is no

need to shave and prep their bodies before a race or competition, and it eradicates any

risk of cuts and nicks from getting infected in a locker room or pool.


Laser Hair Removal Result


Diode Laser hair removal impair the growth capacity of the hair follicles when they are in

the active growth stage. Not all follicles are active at the same time and several treatments,

every few weeks, may be necessary to obtain the desired result. The number of treatments

needed to achieve hair reduction varies. Most clients experience a marked reduction in hair

growth in 4 to 6 treatments. Additionally, other factors such as hair density, age and

hormones can affect the results of your treatments. It would be fair to say that you will

require at least 6-8 treatments, one month apart to obtain best results.